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July 21, 2012
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You woke early the next morning feeling well rested and surprisingly stable, though obviously Arthur's torment put a bitter edge to your thoughts. Rubbing your eyes you sat up and looked around the room. It was basic but the mismatched furniture had an aged and friendly appeal. The bed was certainly comfy enough, and you were delighted to see a small table at the far end which would be perfect for your laptop.

You stretched and got out of bed. Sadly your dress had not fared so well after being slept in, but after so much commotion, who cared? A side door revealed upon inspection a small en-suite bathroom which also had a shower.

"Finally, things are starting to go right for once!"

You slipped off your dress and went straight into the shower, whilst listening to soft noises that had recently started up downstairs, making you wonder what was going on.

Francis' POV

As soon as the alarm started I shut it off and hurried downstairs. This breakfast was going to be one for ___ to remember! Unfortunately the plates and pans clashed around a lot more than I anticipated, but hopefully the others will have slept through it!
Softly I hummed a tune and began preparing the meal. ____ never told me what food she likes, but to be honest everyone knows French cooking is the best, so I'm sure she will love whatever I make! Almost there, just a few herbs, a flower in a vase, and voila! ~

Carrying the steaming food I carefully made my way back upstairs, almost dropping it upon seeing Antonio crouched outside ____'s door.

"Toni! What are you doing? You're never up so early!"

Toni merely put one finger to his lips and beckoned with another. I put the hot tray down and wandered over. What was he doing!?

"Hola Francis. I really didn't think anyone would wake up for a while, since I wanted to spy a little in secret. Just look through there!" He said, pointing at the keyhole. I put my eye against it and peered in. There was nothing to be seen, except a crumpled dress on the floor and sounds of running water from the bathroom inside. Still, it was obvious what the Spaniard had been up to, the sly dog.

"Ohonhonhonhon! You have a great idea mon amis!"

"Si, but keep it a secret! Since I'll have you to race each morning it would be better for both of us if Gilbert has no idea!"


Suddenly there was a shift in the bedroom. I put my eye against the keyhole once more and sure enough there was ____, in nothing but her underwear. It was a shame there was that much cover, but it was still a beautiful sight. Suddenly I felt a shove on the shoulder and Toni's eye suddenly occupied the space mine had been in seconds before. There was no way he was going to hog the view for himself!

Your POV

You had just finished putting on your favourite vest top when you heard a commotion from outside your room. Was that … scuffling? You quickly pulled on some jeans and hurried to the door. The scuffling abruptly stopped as you swung it open to reveal Francis dressed in a lavish burgundy robe and slippers, and Toni wearing nothing but pyjama bottoms. Both men looked to the floor sheepishly.

"Umm hi there guys, what's up?" You quizzed. Toni fumbled for words whilst Francis collected a tray of steaming food and beamed at you happily.

"Ahhh mon cher, I was just bringing you breakfast! Antonio here was on his way downstairs and tried to grab some for himself!" Francis looked slightly flustered and you smiled.

"That's very kind of you, thanks a lot!" You said, accepting the tray and disappearing into your room to eat in peace. The food looked and smelt delicious. You took a bite and had soon devoured the lot.

"You really can't beat French food!" You mumbled, rubbing your over-filled belly contentedly.

After that you spent the next hour or so sorting everything from your bags and putting them away in the wardrobe, drawers, etc. At one point the doorbell rang but you paid it no heed as eager footsteps pounding downstairs were sure to have taken care of it. Accommodation = Check! Kiku will be proud! You thought happily.

"Oh crap! I forgot to text him! I hope he hasn't worried too much" You yelped, knowing full well he would have been worried sick. You grabbed your mobile. Three missed calls and 5 texts, but one not from Kiku? You looked up the sender. It was … Arthur?

"No, not again! I don't have time for this now!" You slammed the phone shut and rushed out of your room. Suddenly crashing from downstairs brought you to a halt. What was going on … a fight!?

You had been paying so much attention to sorting your belongings that any noise had been blotted clean out, until now. You hurried on downstairs. Upon reaching the ground floor you looked up only to be hit straight between the eyes with something hard and cold. You rubbed your head and searched the floor, seeking offending missile. Something brushed against your fingers and you picked it up and studied it closely. A foam dart? Your concentration was broken by another sharp hit to the cheek, this one followed by a wild battle cry. You looked up only to see King-of-the-perverts Gilbert, standing on the sofa flexing his muscles, dart gun in hand.

"Jaaaaaa 10 points to Team Awesome!" He crowed victoriously.

You were about to shout something fairly abusive back, when Toni rushed to your side, a gun also cradled in his arm. From behind the back of the other sofa you could just see Francis' head poking out, a glazed look of concentration plastered on his face whilst he took aim. Was this a crazy house!? Grown men playing with dart guns!? REALLY!?

"____! You came down just in time!"

"Yeah great timing to be shot in the face!" You grumbled. The still unknown text from Arthur had succeeded in putting you down again. Toni leant in and whispered in your ear.

"If you want revenge, there's a fourth gun in the box" He said, pointing to a large cardboard package that rested against the doorframe. You reached in and pulled out the gun, loading it tentatively.  Gilbert was still parading around on the sofa, completely unawares.

"I am so awesome! No one can beat me! Look at you losers, cowering in fear!" He bellowed.

You brought the gun level and fired three darts in quick succession. All of them hit Gilbert straight in the face and took him completely off guard. He uttered a startled yell and overbalanced, falling straight off the back of the sofa with a loud crash.

"Yesssss!" You cheered and punched the air, as Toni and Francis howled with laughter.

"Now who's the loser huh!?" You ran round and pulled a face at him before disappearing upstairs to safety. You giggled quietly and sighed. These guys were so immature but the most fun you'd in … well, since you could remember. You picked up your phone and texted Kiku, letting him know you had accommodation and were safe. Seconds later it beeped again with a new message.

Hi ______,
Glad to hear you are safe. Please don't leave me hanging next time! I know I worry too much but one of us has to keep a clear head! Your family sent me some of your belongings, I think they think we are staying together. I was just wondering if I could come over sometime soon and drop them off for you?  I would also like to see where you are staying, if that is alright with you? Your new roommates sound interesting to say the least!

- Kiku.

You grinned. There was no way that Kiku would approve of any of this in the slightest. And yet, you wanted to tell him everything that had happened in the last 24 hours, since only his reassurance could make you feel completely better again. But before organising any of that there was something that needed attending to.
:iconblushprusplz: 'Not the ... face!?"

hehe ;D this just ended up being really random since I saw an advert for dart guns on tv, and automatically thought of the BTT. I'll try stay more on track from now on XD

Hope you enjoy! ~

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Chapter Eleven: Coming Soon!
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