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You grumpily brought your fist down upon the whining drone of your alarm clock. Groggily you raised a heavy head and read the time.
"Crap! Quarter to 11 already!!?" You yelled, hurling yourself out of bed, scrabbling around the room to get dressed as best you could. How could time pass so quickly when sleeping!?  Uttering a string of curses you grabbed your pre-packed bag and some meagre coins and raced out the hotel door as quickly as possible, checking out in such a rush that people nearby stared after you in shock.

"Come on bus, please be late! I hope Kiku won't be mad at me.."  You thought, arriving at the bus stop just in time as one pulled up. You sighed gratefully, shoving on headphones whilst trying desperately to straighten out your crinkled clothes and make your hair look less of a wild tangle.

Today was your first day in the city, and you planned to enjoy yourself to the full. Had planned to at least, but anyway. Next term would be your first at university, and getting to know this place was a top priority! Your jobs after exploring this place would include sorting accommodation, study books, student finance…  You sighed again. So little time to get everything in order. You were just glad that you weren't alone in this situation since Kiku Honda, your best friend from secondary school, and shoulder-to-cry-on was going to the same uni as you.  At least he was well organised, and kind too since he had arranged to meet up today so you could look for study books together.

As the bus grinded to a halt at your stop, you raced off and into the giant shopping centre before you. Its gaping mouth looked ready to swallow any visitors who dared come near; not exactly the most welcoming sight. Two sprinted escalators later and you were there, outside the anime shop, greeting your best friend. If he noticed your disgruntled appearance, he didn't comment on it, a polite quality you admired about him.

"Kiku! Sorry I'm so late, I overslept, like usual" -_-
"Hey there ___. Don't worry about it. We should get going though, are you ready?"

"Haha I was born ready!"

"Somehow I doubt that."

Together you paid a quick visit to the anime store, since neither could resist such a good opportunity. Then once your need for cute and cool merchandise was filled you wandered on out of the mall towards the large public library nearby, chatting all the while. Overhead the hot autumn sun beat down, casting long shadows on the tall and occasionally misshapen buildings, their proud history on display for the world to see

"So ___, I heard you haven't sorted out your accommodation yet. I don't want to hassle you about it, but don't you think you should focus a little more on that soon, since it's so important?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'll get to it when I get to it. There's just been a lot on my mind at the moment, stuff with moving from home, and also, me and Arthur haven't been getting along so great at the moment."

"Oh is that so?"

You just shrugged back as an answer. Your boyfriend, Arthur Kirkland, had been acting up recently since he started hanging out with some 'new friends'. He was acting out of character and often behaving like a proper chauvinist and continuously showing you up. You didn't like it one bit, but since this was a difficult time enough already you didn't want to stir up trouble.
"Yeah, but it doesn't matter."

Kiku refrained from further questioning.  You arrived at the library and stepped inside, the cool dimness a welcome change from the stuffy autumn heat outside. This place was so vast, and crammed with books from floor to ceiling; it was probably possible to spend hours here without even realising.  Kiku grinned.

"Shall we meet back here in an hour or so?"

And so it was settled; you both eagerly headed off in different directions. However a row of colourful looking story books caught your eye and the whole 'study' idea was wiped clean out of your head. Carefully picking up a particularly heavy book you closed your eyes and breathed in the musty smell.
Suddenly a cold shadow fell down on you, causing you to flinch and spin around sharply. You gazed up and into the dark crimson eyes of a young, handsome man not much older than yourself, who displayed a slanted grin set within a strong, muscular jaw.  A shock of white hair grew thick upon his equally pale head, flicking slightly at the ends in an almost devilish way. He was certainly an imposing sight and his unannounced closeness put you slightly on edge.  
The shock of his presence was plain on you face, and he uttered a short, sharp laugh, mouth curled in a wicked grin.

"Kesesesese ~ Do not worry, I won't hurt you. I just wondered what a pretty girl like yourself is doing inside on such a nice day?"

His strong German accent was rather soothing and completely unexpected, making you blush, and causing him to smile more. You glared up at him, angry at being caught unawares.
"I've just come to find some study books, is that such a crime?"

"No, of course not!" He shouted, feigning surprise "I just thought I could take you somewhere nicer than here…." He whispered, letting his last words trail off "And besides, you aren't in the right section for study books."

He was clearly trying to annoy you; this conversation needed ending.

"For you information, Sir, I have a boyfriend, so you would do well to leave me alone!"  And with that you shoulder barged past him, but not before receiving a sharp slap on the bum, followed by more cackling laughter.

"Just see what your boyfriend thinks about that!" He shouted after you.

"Bite me, asshole!" You yelled in reply.

"Damn idiot" you whispered, hurrying off to find Kiku. Thankfully you caught up with him quickly and made up some excuse for finding him quicker than expected. He looked you up and down carefully, concern reflected in his deep brown eyes.

"____, is everything okay? You seem a little flustered.."

"I'm fine!" You snapped back, instantly regretting it as he recoiled in surprise and shock.
"Let's just go okay?" You grumbled, and with that you stormed out the doors, completely bookless.

However, your eyes widened upon recognising someone waiting impatiently for you on the steps outside.
This is my first ever fan fic, so please don't eat me XD I hope its okay, but this series will take a little while to get going, well, as in the first two chapters.

But here we get to meet Prussia at least :iconsexyprussia6plz: so I suppose that's something.

Hit me up with ideas, criticism, anything! ~

Prologue Part 1: You are here! :)
Prologue Part 2: [link]
Chapter One: [link]
Chapter Two: [link]
Chapter Three: [link]
Chapter Four: [link]
Chapter Five: [link]
Chapter Six: [link]
Chapter Seven: [link]
Chapter Eight: [link]
Chapter Nine: [link]
Chapter Ten: [link]
Chapter Eleven: Coming Soon!
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gamerchic286 Featured By Owner May 24, 2015  Student General Artist
"For you information, Sir, I have a boyfriend, so you would do well to leave me alone!" And with that you shoulder barged past him, but not before receiving a sharp slap on the bum, followed by more cackling laughter.

"Just see what your boyfriend thinks about that!" He shouted after you.

me: "Actually,I think my boyfreind would be glad you did that after seeing me do this!" *punch Gilbert in the face*
"Do it again and there will be more from where that came from!" *glares*
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